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1)  54 Million U.S. adults have taken an online Virtual Tour. On a typical day over 2 Million Americans will view an online Virtual Tour.
(As at Dec 2004)

2)  U.S. research shows that Virtual Tour usage is highest in populations with the highest Household income, Education & Broadband access. Virtual tour usage doubles for populations with an income of $75,000+ over lesser income groups.

3)  There are over 2.4 million broadband accounts in Australia, and over 200 million world wide. (As at June 2005)

4)  86% of Australian households with an income over $100,000 p/yr have home internet access. This rises to 94% for those with children and an income of $120,000 p/yr.



So what does all this mean?  Put simply, the more money a household makes, the more and higher speed internet access they have, which in tern means they use services such as Virtual Tours to a much greater degree than those on low incomes.



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